Jan 23

Michael Kelly

Tsurumi Pumps Sales In Seattle

by Michael Kelly

  Where can you find new Tsurumi Pumps and Tsurumi Pump Parts the Seattle or Everett area?

  Puget Sound Equipment Sales, located in Everett (WA), is the answer to your question!  Puget Sound Equipment Sales in Everett (WA) is the best place to buy a new Tsurumi Pumps, including some of their most popular models such the Tsurumi LB480, the Tsurumi LB800 and the Tsurumi HS2.  We stock all the most popular Tsurumi Pump models, along with Tsurumi pump parts (power cords, floats, mechanical seals) and also offer our customers a trusted place to get their Tsurumi Pumps serviced in the Seattle/Everett area.  So call Puget Sound Equipment Sales at 425-423-7867 to get your next Tsrumi Pump, OUR PRICES WILL NOT BE BEATEN!