Dec 04

Puget Sound Equipment

Tsurumi LBT-800 Sump Pump

by Puget Sound Equipment

Tsurumi's LBT-800 three-phase sump pump is available in both 3/220V and 3/460V. It is based on the popular single-phase version of the LB-800. It this article we will go over the features and benefits of the LBT-800:

1. Designed to fit an 8" pipe.

2. Built with durable materials & light weight for portability. Weighing in at only 33 lbs.

3. Up to 60' shut off head.

4. Available in 3/220V and 3/460V with 50' cables.

5. Double inside mechanical seals with silicon carbid faces, (both top and bottom) running in an oil filled chamber and further protected by a lip seal running against a replaceable, 304 stainless steel shaft sleeve, provides for the most durable seal design available.

6. Oil Lifter provides lubrication of the seal faces.

7. Semi-vortex, urethane rubber impeller, natural rubber wear plates and casing increases wear resistance when pumpage contains abrasive particles.

8. Built in thermal overload protection prevents motor failure due to overloading or run dry situations.

9. Highly efficient, continuous duty air filled copper wound motor with class B insulation minimizes the cost of operation.

10. Top discharge, flow-thru design, enables operation at low water levels for extended periods. Discharge flange can be adjusted to pump at 90 degrees or 45 degrees to prevent kinking in the discharge hose.

11. Tsurumi's iron clad 2-year warranty.

Tsurumi's LBT-800 is a rugged, durable pump for all your submersible sump pump applications without breaking the bank. List Price - $657. Call Puget Sound Equipment Sales & Rentals for your contractor or municipality discounts.