Jan 09

Michael Kelly

Setting a Generator Up On Floats

by Michael Kelly

Hooking up a float is very simple. All you do is plug it in to a standard outlet on the generator, and then make sure the generator is turned to auto mode. The float then rests in the water, and once the water rises to a certain level it will make the float turn upside down. When it does this it makes the ball bearing connect to the two wires and power the generator, which then turns the pump on. By doing this you're not wasting the generator's energy and it's only be used when necessary. Floats can also be used on pumps. The generator can turn on when its float is activated, but then you can have another float on a pump that makes the pump turn on at a different water level. Letting the generator warm up for a bit, and if you need a back up pump you can put a float on that as well. Using floats reduces the time your generator or pumps are actually in use. Saving you money in the long run.