Mar 31

Michael Kelly

Puget Sound Equipment Sales Rents Pioneer Pumps

by Michael Kelly

Puget Sound Equipment Sales is proud to exclusively carry Pioneer Pumps in our rental fleet of Diesel Powered dewatering and Trash pumps in Seattle location.  In a market flooded with a vast variety of pump manufacturers, we chose to build our rental fleet with Pioneer Pump because of their reliability, durability, and the after sales support that is available to both wholesale and retail customers alike.  These sales points are extremely important when you consider that we constantly rent our Diesel Driven Trash Pumps to customers in remote locations all over the Western half of North America and our customers cannot afford service calls when these rental pumps are sitting on the Northern Slope of Alaska or on a barge in the Pacific Ocean.  The Pioneer delivers a quality diesel powered trash pump with great flow at impressive heads, with little or no service issues...Can the same be said about the competitors pump?

The Rental Fleet of Pioneer Pumps found at Puget Sound Equipment Sales consists of a variety of diesel driven trash pumps and high head pumps that were specially designed for construction and industrial applications such as de-watering, liquid transfer, dredging and bypassing (to only name a few).  When you rent a pump from Puget Sound Equipment Sales, you not only get an amazing pump, but you also get the piece of mind knowing that these pumps have cut their teeth on the Oil Fields of the Gulf Coast, in Petrol Chemical Plants around the world, Gold and Diamond mining operations all over the world and many other difficult applications in some of the harshest environments found around the globe.

Whether you are looking for pumps to perform a sewer bypass in Kirkland (WA), or for general jobsite dewatering in Tacoma (WA), rolling an oil tank in Cherry Point or even flooding your favorite duck hunting grounds, never hesitate to call our professional sales staff to help size the right pump for your next rental need. Puget Sound Equipment Sales is your only locally owned pump rental company in the Seattle area and we pride ourselves on providing industry leading customer service to all our customers (large or small). So call us today today at 206-788-7952