Nov 04

Puget Sound Equipment


by Puget Sound Equipment

Generators come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from small gas-powered portable units and diesel equipment that can be as large as a semi-truck trailer to giant backup generators that can power city blocks.

Puget Sound Equipment carries various generators in order to keep your business running in the event of a disaster or power outage. We have 25kw and 45kw generators available for rent or purchase any size you need through our easy customer service center. We want to be your first stop for your generator needs.

With the rash of storms and emergency situations the past few years, we recognize the importance of being well stocked. Our manufacturers recognize the need to incorporate safety and ease of use in the generator design. Each generator has a different application and we keep our training up to date to help you choose the most economical and powerful generator for your needs. While portable gas generators can appeal to a wide range of rental customers, including contractors and homeowners, we have mobile towable generators that are for commercial type of applications.

When you have a temporary need for power to run your electric tools - such as breakers, hammers, pumps, table saws and cut-off saws - consider calling us at 425-423-7867 to choose from our quality Honda, Wacker Neuson, Tsurumi or Multi-Quip Generators. We can help you choose, purchase and deliver the best quality generator to your home or jobsite.